You may have heard them, seen them on television, or maybe in a drama series. But you might wonder who are they. Why so extremely talented? Yet so little recognition. Today let us look at the Top 5 Pakistani Rock and Roll scenes of all time


Founded by the Noori Brothers, Ali Noor and Ali Hamza, in 1996, with Ali Noor on the guitars and Ali Hamza on the bass. The band earned great fame with their catchy riffs and mellow vocals, the band released songs that were both inspiring and energetic to youth. EK THA BADSHAH and NISHAAN were some masterpieces by the band.

rock Top 5 Rock/Metal bands in Pakistan!

Call – The Band

Call is one of the strongest Alternative Rock bands the country has. Formed in 2002 in Lahore by, Junaid Khan on vocals, Zulfiqar J. Khan aka Xulfi Producer and Lead Guitarist, and Muhammad Sultan Raja on the Rhythm Guitars, the band made its way through the music industry by producing strong and energetic ballads and songs like SUB BHULA KA and JILLAWATAN. Do keep in mind that Xulfi was part of another Rock and Roll Act, EP , before he left and made this band.

rock Top 5 Rock/Metal bands in Pakistan!

Entity Paradigm

After the Pepsi Battle of Bands performance, many people were amazed to see that WOW THE ACTOR FAWAD KHAN CAN ACTUALLY SING. Not knowing that fact that Fawad was a part of the country”s legendary band Entity Paradigm also known as EP. Formed in 2000 by Xulfi, Fawad, Ahmad Ali Butt, Salman Albert, Abid Khan, Waqar Ahmad, and Hassan Khalid, Their music is categorized as being both Progressive rock and metal, yet having been heavily influenced by nu-metal and psychedelic rock music. They gave us the ever-green songs like Hamesha, Waqt, Shor Macha and albums like Irtqa.

rock Top 5 Rock/Metal bands in Pakistan!


When it comes to Complex compositions and guitar shredding, the only name that pops up in our minds is Faraz Anwar. He formed the band Mizraab in 1997 with Khalid Khan on the bass, and Akhtar Qayyum on percussions, since then there have been many changes in the line-up the only consistent member being Faraz himself. making his way through Nescafe Basement and Cokestudio, as well,Faraz has performed around the nation with great perfection. Songs Like KITNI SADDYAN, and UJALON MA are worth listening if you want some treat for your ears.

rock Top 5 Rock/Metal bands in Pakistan!


On number 1 we have Junoon. Well, this band needs no intro since they have been known for their love of Nation, Freedom, and Sufiism. Dr Salman Ahmad who was the Guitarist, was soon joined by keyboardist Nusrat Hussain, bass guitarist Brian O’Connell and vocalist Ali Azmat, in Lahore. The band faced a lot of disputes and controversy, yet they remain one of the Legendary bands of Pakistan. Songs like SAYONEE, MERA SAEEN, JUNOON SA ISHQ SA, and GARAG BARAS are still being played on the TVs, Radios and car stereos.

rock Top 5 Rock/Metal bands in Pakistan!

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