virginity is a myth

Imagine yourself being a girl in this society where nobody accepts that virginity is a myth and the concept of virginity occupies the major minds and husbands rush out of their homes shouting that the girl is already deflowered. These stubborn people just scream stereo-typically without accepting the fact that virginity is a myth. Just to placate their filthy minds a girl in this patriarchal society has to undergo certain abusive tests that shatter her personality, soul, and mind.

The origin of this concept of virginity is indeed associated with patriarchy that developed its myths to humiliate the female gender. This society is least interested in knowing the facts about virginity or in other words the breakage of hymen that is not necessarily broken by sexual intercourse. But then who to blame for the virginity education to the community is already censored as it is taboo to talk openly about such issues that include so-called male honor. This is not an honor just their insecurity that stops the awareness of the truth.

virginity is a myth

Virginity is a myth:

The relationship between the hymen – [a thin sheet covering the vaginal opening] and virginity has been misunderstood for a long and the fact that virginity is a myth was ignored. People believe that if the hymen is wide open or a tear is being noticed, the virginity of a girl is ceased. But in actuality, hymen and virgin are not the way they are linked. Some people are born without a hymen and some get it torn due to various activities as a life of a girl can also involve cycling, horse riding, or gymnastic sessions just to keep that concept of false virginity related to hymen how can a girl cease all such activities.

Secondly, let us all just use our rational part, and think for once about the medical issues of a girl related to this part, and treatment to every issue is necessary which in terms have some effects as in some cases the breakage of the hymen. Another rational approach to disrupt this is the flow of period blood, if this hymen was that rigid not to break then how else would this have been this flow normal? And most importantly, one is alarmed or given a warning before this breakage happens.

It is still downright comical how a mere male without any medical information can come out and utter that her girl is not a virgin when even the scientifically proven methods and medical experts gynecologists cannot even be sure about all this. This hymen breakage has the least to do with purity highlighting the fact that virginity is a myth.

virginity is a myth

Virginity and feminism:

This myth has done nothing but devastated women’s life and paved a way for abusive tests to confirm virginity and when resisted, this all was associated with feminism as a tactic to escape. Feminism did nothing but told this society that virginity is a myth and this alienation and wrath the females face because of hymen breakage is cruel and unjust. Feminism is criticized for talking about such a concept that was made a taboo for ages and the torture was justified under that without any rational logic.

Females have neither been doing this to justify their sexual intercourse nor to have liberation from this burden but just as an escape from this unjust torture that was made their fate because the reason they were not even responsible for. Feminism and virginity are linked rightly for this stand for rationality rather than the stereotypical approach. Every other allegation is an excuse by society to justify such ruthless behavior because of uncertainty and a myth.

virginity is a myth

Virginity is a myth and nothing else than that. How long the cruelty will be justified under the taboo tags.

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Fatimah Motla

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