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    Global Energy has become the most useful political weapon of our century. Studying about global energy teaches us more about international relationships than anything.Let’s take a look at the Global energy system […] Rookie Rank

  • Real Floating cities- Idea of a Floating city

    Are real floating cities the new future of civilization? Will we be living in real floating cities aquatic societies in the coming decades? Doesn’t seem like all […] Rookie Rank

  • China’s Trillian Dollar plan is actually China’s real plan. That is how China transformed its desert into a fruit growing oasis!! China’s trillion-dollar plan has a vision, a big Why, A purpose to guide them t […] Rookie Rank

  • Nuclear security is the prevention of unauthorized access to nuclear materials that may be in production plants or reactors or in transit to prevent them either making a crude nuclear device or a radiological […] Rookie Rank

  • G shock is a watch category manufactured by Japanese company Casio. G-shock watches may be of the digital type or can be a combination of analog and digital.

    G shock watches especially associated with […] Rookie Rank

  • “Stop expecting too much from people, who don’t have too little for you. Set the standard! stop expecting people to show you love, acceptance, and commitment. when you stop expecting them to be perfect, you can […] Rookie Rank

  • healthy parenting

    Healthy parenting means that parents and children can handle their disagreements and conflicts with empathy, honesty, self-reliance, self- control, kindness, co-operation, and avoiding any […] Rookie Rank

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