Monkey Mafia T-shirt

This Monkey M A F I A shirt is sure to get you noticed. With its cool, stylized graphic print of a monkey smoking a cigar, it makes a bold and stylish statement.

$ 9.00

SKU: TS-20001

This Monkey Mafia T-shirt is one of our coolest printed tees yet! The black tee features a cool monkey taking a drag from a cigar and the text “M A F I A” above it. This shirt is perfect for any fans of the mafia lifestyle, or anyone who just wants to look cool and edgy.

  • 300GSM 100%
  • Digitally Printed
  • Exclusive QR code
  • Unlimited washes
  • Wrinkle Free printing

XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL


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