China's trillion dollar plan

China’s Trillian Dollar plan is actually China’s real plan. That is how China transformed its desert into a fruit growing oasis!! China’s trillion-dollar plan has a vision, a big Why, A purpose to guide them through all the short term pain in their journey to the world. So you are the heads of china Trillian dollar plan once, one of the greatest empires in the world. But in the late 1800s and early 1900s, they hit a rough patch.

Before China’s trillion dollar plan, China was defeated and pillaged by the British, the french, japan, Russia. China an Empire that very much values, honor, respect were put to shame on the world for over a hundred years. It was so bad that China would later call it the century of humiliation.

If that was not bad enough china also had a few more rough patches after that with around 18 to 45 million deaths during a movement they called “The Great Leap “

Because of all the shame and disgrace, they’ve grown to resent not just the west but the rest of the east, the north, the south, and everyone in between.

But here don’t take my words, Take the words from all these Chinese officials that regularly spout this.

And the worst part is that you could easily be number one if it was not for milling Americans that believe in democracy, natural rights, and other dangerous ideas like freedom of speech. Ideas that if your populist gets a whiff of it would be the end of your rule. 

America is the only one standing in your way for world domination, this automatically makes them public enemy number one.

China’s trillion-dollar plan to dominate global trade:

Following our great sun Zeus art of war, if you’re gonna attack your enemy attacks him where he can’t defend. Luckily for you, times have changed the modern-day battlefield is no longer fought with bullets but with ones and zeroes, dollars, and cents sure. There will always be a time for conventional warfare but today instead of storming the desert it’s storming the enemy’s walls by attracting foreign investors money and not letting that money ever leave your country.

In China’s trillian dollars plan, Instead of killing soldiers, it’s by baiting companies that outsource their workers for dirt cheap labor, thereby taking away jobs from the enemy country killing their morale and making them more dependent on you. It’s fighting on the economic front, the social front. 7 out of the 10 biggest construction companies firms in the world are now Chinese.

China’s trillion dollar plan comparison:

China’s Trillion dollar plan deploying cyber warfare troops that sit behind a computer screen, Instead of invading and occupying smaller nations, it’s offering them irresistible loans to build infrastructure projects and taking them over, once they can’t pay it back. War is no longer using force to compel your enemy to your will but rather by using all means, arms and unarmed force, lethal and non-lethal force by doing whatever it takes.

And you want to know what the best part is?? It is that while all these revolutionary changes are happening to the battlefield, your arch-nemesis the U.S are still spending away all their resources. Building up their conventional forces, thinking that they have the most powerful military. Leaving them with no resources is desired to invest in the real domains, the cyber, and the economic ones.

In China’s Trillion Dollar plan, They keep kicking the can down the road, as Sun Tzu said:

“If your opponent doesn’t even know they are at war, well they have already lost”

China’s trillion-dollar plan list:

China’s trillion dollar plan aspects:

  • A new highway in Pakistan
  • A new rail terminal in Kazakhstan
  • A seaport in Srilanka
  • The bridge in rural Laos
  • Ancient Silk road-A network of trade
  • Belt and Road Initiative or BRI
  • The high-speed train network in South Asia
  • The BRI’s flagship project in Pakistan
  • In 2011, a brand new port in the small fishing town of Gwadar.
  • Coronavirus 
  • Cryptocurrency and so on…  

China’s trillion-dollar plan in Pakistan:

Having pledged about 62 billion dollars in dozens of energy and infrastructure projects the China Pakistan economic corridor is one of the largest commercial initiatives in South Asia.

Through projects like these, they also found a way to boost its economy. Chinese construction companies that had fewer opportunities within their own country saw a huge boost from BRI contracts.

They can use every single trick in the book to crush competitors. As the FBI director stated that:

“They are calculating, they are persistent, they are patient and they are not subject to the righteous constraints of an open democratic society”

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Sana Irfan

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