Talking about 2020, it has been a very tough year for people around the globe. The production process of various movies was halted. But there is some good news for all the spy movie lovers. A new recent project by Christopher Nolan has been completed, by name TENET. The trailer of the movie hit 26 Million views in a really short time. The movie is expected to be released on 26th of August 2020.

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About the DOP:

Christopher Nolan is a British-American filmmaker known for his master piece productions.The Director has worked on many successful projects in the mainstream Hollywood. You may recognize Nolan from his successful The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception and Interstellar.


The movie is believed to be a co-production between the United States and United Kingdom, and big stars, including Robert Pattinson, John David Washington, Elizabeth Debicki, Michael Caine, Dimple Kapadia, and Kenneth Branagh are going to be playing their roles in this Project. The duo of Robert Pattionson and John David Washington is going to be super exciting, as many fans around the globe are waiting for the release.

Release date:

The initial release date was expected to be July 23, 2020. But due to Covid-19, the date got extended up to all the way to 26th August 2020. Let us know about your favorite Christopher Nolan movies in the comments section!

credits: Variety

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