We live in the modern age, where every one considers himself civilized, yet we come across a lot of examples of classism and racial discrimination in our lives on daily basis. We may have developed in every expect of life, we may have created the best technology so far, the fastest cars, the deadliest weapons, but our primitive minds have not learned the lesson of equality yet. Today we will talk about the current BLM movement and different methods, adopting which we can clean our society from the cursed virus of racial discrimination.


BLM short form for BLACK LIVES MATTER, is a protest against racial discrimination, which has been initiated in the United States of America, after the tragic incident of Police brutality and death of George Floyd, an African American in Minneapolis, on 25th of May 2020.

The social media has been supporting the BLM movement by the hashtag #Blacklivesmatter. All the people across the globe from underground artists to the popular ones have shown their sympathy with the whole Black community by sharing Black Display pictures and using the above mentioned hashtags.

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Let us discuss now how to end this curse in our society for Good.

1: Stop promoting fairness products

The worst thing you could do to a person, is to make him or her feel insecure about their skin color and tone. Countless adds have been aired since the invention of Television, which not only make people question their tone but also openly curse the dark complexion.

There should be a ban imposed on such adds and their products should be banned as well. Every color no matter dark or light, black or white is beautiful in its own way. All of these colors are a gift of God. Questioning these colors is similar to questioning God himself!

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2: Educate your children

All children, are born pure of heart. Their minds and hearts are contaminated latter, they sense of hating is added later. We need to teach and adopt our children in such a way that they accept everyone and love everyone. We have seen viral images of small black children hugging small white children. Believe me if your having a bad day, a small glimpse of such a spectacle can make your day

When a child understands equality, he will automatically develop love and compassion for others as well. He will develop love for his young ones and respect for his elders as well

As Quoted by Sir Martin Luthor King

I Have a dream that one day all black children will join hands with all the white children and will become as one!

Credits: Maitiri Matters

3: Celebrate together

Every caste and creed have their own methods of celebrations. Muslims have Eids, Christians have Christmas. We should learn to celebrate and be a part of each others happiness and also morn on the dark days with each other. This little gesture will go a long way in life. People always remember the small good deeds you do for them. So why not bury down the differences and act as one?


4: Stand up for your Fellow humans

If you ever come across a scene of racism, its your job for standing up for the victim. Weather he is Asian, American or European or African, its your job to stand up for them. Ignorance of crime is also a crime. Be a responsible citizen, and stand up for the victims, support them, ask them if they are okay. Tell the bullies to treat every one with equality and dignity. You may not be rewarded here, but a bigger reward awaits in the form of heaven.


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