10 Pakistani underground Bands Pepsi discovered!

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underground bands (Pespi battle of bands)

Pakistan is a country full of talent, and today we are going to talk about 10 underground bands, while Pepsi brought them to screen. The bands are in no particular order. However, the list mostly focuses on Rock, Sufi and Fusion style bands

1: Bayaan

Bayaan was formed after the first season of Nescafe Basement. The band made its way through the Pepsi Battle of bands, winning the 3rd season, and also gave us a number of progressive rock songs. Haider Abbas with his bass groves, Asfar Hussain on vocals, Shahrukh Aslam and Muqueet Shahzad on guitars along Mansoor Lashari on Drums, This band continues to make Progressive/Alternative music and their fans equally love them.


2: Badnaam

We call them the NIRVANA of Pakistan. This Grunge Rock band may consist of a few members, but they do know how to shake the stage. Having Ahmad Jilani on Vocals, Lala Ahsan on drums, and Raheem Shahbaz on the bass, this band continues to make some extraordinary tracks including Alif Allah which is a blend of Sufism and Grunge rock.


3: Auj

Winners of the Pepsi Battle of the Bands season 5, this Alternative rock band is known for its melodic vocals, bass grooves, and symphonic guitars. Having Abdur Rahman Sajid as the vocalist, Nasir Zaka as the guitarist, Syed Hasnain Ali as the bassist, and Muhammad Kashif on the drums, the band gives us a number of superb songs including Lafz which was not only melodic but also the lyrics were super powerful.


4: Mousiqa

The band consists of four members. Haider on vocals/ rhythm guitar, Waqar on lead guitar /vocals, Zohaib on drums, and Shiekh Qasim on the bass guitar. The band was so much loved by the fans, they kept performing in various cities across Pakistan. The band has over 8 original songs, which include cult favorites like Truck Song, Pyar Mai Khoya Khoya, Dhundon Kya, Hey You, and Burning.


5: Kashmir

After winning the 4th season of Pepsi Battle of bands, this band became very popular among the youth. Blending pop and rock music they gave us a number of originals including Khagaz Ka jahaz. Having Bilal Ali on the vocals, Usman Siddiqui on the bass, Ali Raza on piano/synth, Zair Zaki on the rhythm guitar, Vais Khan on lead guitar, and Shane J.Anthoney on the drums, the band continues to inspire their fans throughout the country.

underground bands

6: E-Sharp

if you love a girl named Shabana, do sing her the ANTHEM OF SHABANA. One thing E-Sharp gave us in the recent season was their epic Anthem of Shabana. Even the judges gave them a standing ovation. The band consists of Ahmed Zawar, Anwaar Ahmed, Qumber Kazmi, Rajil Anthony, and Asher Minhas Damanwala. E-sharp continues to contribute to the Pakistani Rock scene.


7: Darvesh

Darvesh is a journey of 10 adamant musicians, who are considered the future of Pakistani Sufi music , they make music purely from the heart. The band consists of Vocals: Saad Ali Khan, Shahjahan Haider Khan, Waqar Hussain, Samson Saleem, Strings & Arrangements: Zain Siddiqui, Keys, Synths & Harmonium: Rafay Siddiqui, Lead Guitars: Mohsin Raza Shah, Bass Guitar: Chandan Pirzada, Drums & Arrangement: Qumber Kazmi, Tabla & Percussions: Falak Hussain. This Sufi mystic band having the greatest number of bandmates bring us near the divine soul of Sufism.


8: Skehlaaj

Skehlaaj is a heavy metal band, that performed in the last season. The band is a powerhouse itself having Saeed Rehman : Guitars / Vocals / Synths, Nasir Inam : Drums / Percussion, and Ali Muneer : Bass. The band has a number of originals including Dam-e-Dastgir. The band continues to experiment and produce music thus inspiring their fans to believe in HEAVY METAL!


9: Aarish

Aarish was one of the great underground bands Pepsi helped us discover. The band consists of Nosherwan Mehmoood- Vocalist, Haziq Ali – Lead Guitarist / Rhythms, Fahad Sikandar – Bassist, Humayun Mir – Drummer / Backing Vocals, Ali Sohail – Lead Guitarist / Rhythms, Nehal Azhar – Keyboardist / Synth. Their original track Umeed is a must-listen song.


10: Seismic Tremors

Blending Rap and Hardrock, making Numetal experimental music, this band made its way through the Battle of bands. The band consists of Joy on the vocals, Saeen on the Rap, Abeer Shah on the bass, Faiz and Salman, and Haroon on guitars, Harrison and Nadeem as drummers, Nadeem Ali on flute and Ryan on the keys. Seismic tremors made their first debut in the Pepsi battle of the bands. the band is touring right now along with Pepsi



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