Make-Up Essentials

Makeup is all the hype nowadays! Every girl has her own magic make up a box full of different products. But there are some make-up essentials must-haves that everyone should buy to achieve that picture-perfect look.

Primer: To prepare your skin

A primer conceals all the open pores on the skin while laying down the perfect foundation for your look. It evens out the skin tone and is light and easy on the skin. The main reason for using a primer is to make the makeup last longer. It also removes fine lines! All this makes it a makeup essential for everyone who loves to apply makeup! Loreal has some amazing primers!

Make-Up Essentials!

Foundation: Look Flawless

Pimples and breakouts ruining your skin on the day you have to go out? U need not worry anymore! Foundation is a savior for such days. Just pump out the appropriate amount for you and apply to your full face to get dewy flawless skin. What’s even more amazing is that foundation is available for every skin tone so head out to your nearest cosmetics store and get one suited to your skin tone! Buy affordable foundations that last long and give your skin the texture it deserves. Maybelline Fit Me foundation is one such foundation that lasts for months. The temperature at which a foundation is to be stored should be kept in mind.

Make-Up Essentials!

Concealer: Hide Those Dark Circles

Didn’t get enough sleep last night and now have under-eye bags? No problem! Concealers are another makeup essential that can fix this problem. Just dab a little concealer under your eyes and hide those under-eye bags! Concealer can also be used as a foundation if applied on the nose, forehead, and chin in a sufficient amount. Concealer is pocket-sized so can be carried in a bag everywhere. If dabbed onto a cotton ball and then applied under the eyes, it gives a very dewy look while making your eyes look fresher.

Make-Up Essentials!

Blush: Make Those Cheeks Rosy

Skin looks pale and colorless? Make your complexion look healthier with a single swirl of a makeup brush. Dip it in some blush and apply it to your cheeks and nose for a rosier complexion instantly. It not only makes your skin more youthful but makes you look fresh! A blush should match your skin tone. Girls with a lighter complexion should go for light peach tones, while, a pink blush looks great on chocolate skin tones!

Make-Up Essentials!

Lipstick: Color Your Lips

Lipsticks and lip liners are a makeup must-have. They make your lips look alive by giving them the color you desire. They make lips look fuller and give the face a more attractive look. Lip liners are an addition to lipsticks that can be used to outline your lips before applying lipsticks. A little lip gloss can be applied on top of a lipstick to give a glossier look. Bright lipsticks look great in the day, whereas, nudes and reds are the way to go at night. For true lipstick lovers, Huda Beauty has come up with the power bullet pallet that contains all these shades!

Make-Up Essentials!

Make Up Setting Spray: Keep That Look Locked

The most underrated make up essential is a makeup setting spray. Girls often complain that their make up does not stay fixed or melts because of the heat. The solution to all these problems is a setting spray that makes sure that your make up does not budge whether it’s summer or winter. It makes skin look dewy while giving your make up the finish it deserves! Makeup is a necessity nowadays so why not make the best of it.

Make-Up Essentials!

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Rameen Masood

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