quarantine interesting

Lets make our quarantine interesting . Its been a tough time for all of us. Being locked at home, no outings, no hangouts, and no gatherings. All these restrictions bring extreme boredom, but they are for our own safety. Today we will look at some interesting things we can do to make our Quarantine better, fun, healthy and positive.

1: Family Time

With the passage of time, as the technology is getting more and more advanced, we are getting more and more distant from our loved ones. Why not stop playing that arcade game today? Why not sit with your parents and ask how they are doing? Why not say, “I LOVE YOU” to your partner today? Why not tell your children an old story, a life event or a folklore today? Why not call the grandparents and ask about their health? Let us all throw our phones away for a while and act as normal loving and caring human beings.

Quarantine interesting

2: Reading

When was the last time you picked up a book and finished it up in a day or two? Well, I think its time to read something. Let it be an old detective novel, a folk story from Shakespeare, some science fiction, romance or a religious book. Believe me, this is the best time to enhance your knowledge and learn something from it. Not only will it help pass time, but it also brings a positive impact to yourself.

Quarantine interesting

3: Exercise

Countless times you will hear people saying that they want to improve their health, but the hectic routine of their chores and jobs won’t allow them. My suggestion to all those people is that stop being a COUCH POTATO. Turn off that Netflix , Get your trainers, get your headphones and let’s start pumping up those muscles and burning up your carbs. Believe me, being health conscious will go a long way in your future. This is the best time to do it!

Quarantine interesting

4: Cooking

Craving for a cheesy slice of pizza? or some mouth-watering Burgers? Well its finally the time to wear an apron and bring out your inner chef. Let’s make some new desert. Or how about a new pizza recipe? Making food at home has its own benefits. Firstly, it’s proper hygienic, secondly, the satisfaction of making something will make you feel proud and thirdly, you’re finally eating healthy. Say goodbye to McDonald’s for a while.

Quarantine interesting

5: New Skills

Last but not the least, let us all try to learn something new. Let’s try to sketch or paint that beautiful flower in the garden. Let’s take out that Grandpa’s old violin and learn a symphony. Or why not try some gardening outside in your little lawn. Lets all learn something new. Let us all commit to being a better person during this Hour of need.

Quarantine interesting

May Allah protect us all and grants a healthy recovery to all the people suffering from this pandemic disease or any other ailment. (Ameen)

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