seasons to watch

Been home for months? Don’t feel like gaming and reading anymore? Tired of binge-watching old seasons? Don’t worry! We got u! Here is a list of seasons to watch in all this time you are spending home!

Money Heist

Want something to stir up your mind and energy? Watch this Spanish thriller to give your mind a whirl. The criminal mastermind Professor will win your heart and turn you into a Spanish Revolutionary in just a few episodes! While the love story of Tokyo and Rio will satiate your heart! A group of thieves in a direct showdown with the police. How will succeed? Watch to find out!

seasons to watch
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Been a while since you found seasons to watch that revolved around a socio-path and were still soapy? Look no further because You is the perfect choice. A stalker with a mysterious past with his ex comes to LA to find love. Will he find love? Or go back to his old ways? This psychological thriller can be binged in a day due to its intriguing plot and the dark humor every episode contains.

seasons to watch
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Black Mirror

Are you out of seasons to watch this quarantine that has a different story each episode so they don’t get boring? Black mirror is the right pick for you. Every episode has different characters and a different story. Viewers have commented that this season is such a brain tease that they have had to watch a single episode multiple times to make sense of it. Others don’t seem to understand the ending. Each episode is based on a social message that blows your mind! Are you smart enough to figure out the message? Watch to find out!

seasons to watch
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Missing Game of Thrones? Want to watch similar seasons to watch? That has the same character development and backstories? Look no further and binge Vikings! The love story of Ragnar, Lagertha, and the ancient Gods will take you on a ride you won’t regret. The story of how the earth came into being by the banging of Thor’s hammer and the lightning sent by the Greek Gods will stun you to the core! What are you waiting for? Log in to your Netflix account right now and settle down in front of Vikings with a bowl of popcorns and your favorite drink!

seasons to watch
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Brooklyn 99

Love comedy? Want to laugh out loud while stuck at home? This NYPD team is here to make you laugh all day every day! Jake the protagonist has a complicated love-hate relationship with Amy, his co-worker, and a new supervisor Holt has just arrived in their department to make the team whole. Solve crime while laughing till you end up with tears in your eyes! Brooklyn 99 is said to be a reminder of the comedy in the superhit show, The Office! So what are you waiting for?

seasons to watch
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Midnight Gospel

Tired of regular podcasts? Want something more meaningful and relatable? This show combines animation with deep midnight conversations based on real podcasts for all the podcast lovers out there! Every episode, a new person is interviewed by Clancy in a trippy setting. The conversations take a deep insight into life and death and everything in between in such a fun and joyful manner that this season ends sooner than u would like it to.

seasons to watch
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Crazy about solving crimes and seeing lawyers solve cases? Have u heard of Harvey Specter? Watch the famous series where the best lawyer does all the good work in dirty ways with his protege, Mike. Solve crime and watch how politics in the corporate world can lead to careers failing overnight. Is money more important than loyalty? Find out in this thrilling Netflix original!

seasons to watch
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