Being one of the fastest growing social media application, Tiktok has become very popular among the youth. What does it actually do? Well it helps people to add sound effects, filters and other video editing effects for creating short videos.

Using the above-mentioned feature, it has been noticed people made a lot of different content. Some times they are funny, most of the time you will find it cringe. But the best part it whatever you think of it, this platform had become the attention of many brands out there

Recently brands used to pay thousands of dollars to a single model for their promotion. But with the arrival of this platform, many wannabes have actually gained a lot of following. Now due to which the brands have adopted a very cunning strategy. Instead of paying a thousand dollars to a single model, they will pay 200 dollars to five different tiktokers, in this way, not only they save a lot of money, but also gain considerably larger promotion than before.

Now let us talk about the content we can get here.

Mostly, on TikTok you will see Indians and Pakistani people making tons and hundreds of videos, some times a dozen videos in a single day. What are these videos? Well apart from information, education, arts, the science you will find everything from cheap comedy to instant vulgarity. Most of the people who try to act funny here, mostly end up making cringe content.

The second most fun thing about the Asian masses here is they mimic and copy the content of someone else. for example maybe a voice note, a song or some movie dialogue, without even giving credits to the original source, who spent hours and days creating and making up that particular sound and tone.

Now the question arises, if TikTok is that cringe why do people like it? Well, it has been concluded that most of the time people find it amusing when others try doing silly idiotic things, that’s one of the reasons that these TikTok kids are becoming more famous day by day, while a genuine artist is becoming hand to mouth, which is a much alarming situation.

Is TikTok any useful?

We have discussed enough critical points, let us talk about some genuine tiktokers. GENUINE TIKTOKERS? DO THEY EXIST? Well, ladies and gentlemen they actually do!

People on TikTok have started making short cooking lessons, which are very informative and short. We have come across people who promote gardening, making videos regarding different flowers and their planting methods. Even doctors and engineers are using TikTok for some public service awareness. Engineers have been seen making fun, interactive videos as well as making different interesting projects

So we come to conclude that the application itself has no negative impact on anyone. it totally depends upon how do you actually use it. You can either use it to make stupid and useless videos or use it to make some well informative videos that speak to the masses and convey a positive message to your fans out there.

The reason we gave our critical remarks on the Asians was about their content. Children are wasting their precious time on this application. Instead of studying and hustling for a better future, they spend their time watching and making useless videos here. It’s better to work on your dreams and struggle for them instead.

So these were our views about the Social media Platform TikTok. We by no means are pointing towards anyone specific its a general talk and we hope it was helpful to all of you!

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