For the last few months the earth and the humanity it self as seen too much. Things became worse with the COVID-19 pandemic. Starting from China the Corona has caused a huge impact on the lives of people. Due to routine disturbances the people around the world have faced alot of major issues not only physically, emotionally and financially but also spiritually. Humans are becoming depressed, some are becoming ruthless, others remain sad and hopeless.

Today we shall see how to improve ourselves spiritually and how to get the best out of ourselves.

1: Stop Complaining

One of the biggest reasons of our depression is that we keep complaining, even about minor problems which can be resolved easily. People keep complaining about the attacks and victims and deaths. But they never look on the brighter sight i.e they have all the food they need, they have their comfortable beds to lie on. Many people out there may dream of having all the facilities you have been blessed with.

So its better to look once, at the positive and brighter side of the life, and thus thanking Almighty for all his blessings on us. Things will get normal eventually


2: Be Generous

It takes very little to become generous, but it goes a long way ahead in your life. Think about the needy people near you. They dont have enough food. They dont have all those facilities. Well its time to do some donation, lets help that poor old homeless man, who watches people coming out of the bakery anxiously. Lets give that old lady some food, so her children may also have a little feast in their live.

Being Generous and helpful will also help curing your anxiety and depression. You will eventually start feeling happy about yourself


3: Develop a hobby

Believe me nothing is more relaxing than having a creative hobby. Lets play some video game or lets draw something today. Maybe read a book. All these things will help you not only to defeat depression but also to learn more about life and to become a better person. These hobbies can also includes different indoor supports like Badminton, table tennis and even Snooker.

They will help you develop a sound mind and i believe will completely change your perspective about your life.


4: Earn Online

Now a days, freelancing has become an important source of earning. you can work online for a few hours and earn from it. You can write articles for different people, You can proofread, you can solve assignments and even design websites for them. Countless options are available when it comes to work online.

Making money online will help improve you financially with little effort and obviously, earning money with little effort is encouraging and brings alot of positive energy in you.


5: Stay Home!

The biggest gift you can give people these days is staying home. I may sound funny but yes, this is a serious problem. Keep your distance from others. You can either be a victim, or become the source of pandemic yourself thus harming your loved ones too.

Its better to stay home and enjoy sometime with your loved ones. I know its hard and boring but believe me nothing is more important than your family. Save yourself and them from this pandemic


6: Be optimistic

Last but not least! Always try staying optimistic. Always be hopeful about the future. Obviously better days will come ahead. This shall pass too. Develop all the necessary safety measures as given by your doctors and stay hopeful.

Developing all the above mentioned basic will surely improve us all & help us become better and responsible humans.


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