animal abuse

This humane world of inhumanity should not only torture the creatures but should also cut the tongues of humanity for it will speak. It will speak of every brutality happening in this world even of animal abuse. These creatures who can not speak about their pain and anguish are traumatized to such an extent that they are made to encounter death in the cruelest of ways. Human beings own history when just to portray their lust nature for power and keep their injustice hidden, they started to agonize these innocent creatures.

When such barbarity is being injected into the society, the awareness of good and bad is a necessity. The depiction of these animal abuse cases with proper lawful solutions is a dire need of the hour to cope up with the circumstances. We need precautionary solutions to these injurious activities.

animal abuse

Animal abuse in zoos:

Animals are being kept in zoos as an amusement for ages for human beings. Not only these creatures are kept bound in the cages but to placate human lust for entertainment, they are compelled to perform certain dangerous stunts so that the audience and clap ratio could be increased. Dolphins in zoos are made to play with surfboards and Elephants or Penguins are trained to play basketball this might be a pleasure to some but for those animals, it’s just another torture that most of the time results in the disastrous injuries. But again, those injuries instead of being looked upon properly are habitually ignored by the trainees and are replaced by other healthy animals.

The very first platform where animals are ignored for proper health and are just left behind to die without proper treatment is a zoo. In some cases, these animals without rational thinking are brutally punished for the mistakes they aren’t even aware of. Their free life is being snatched and they are forced to stay within cages even some away from their homes and other breed fellows. And then zoos like one in Indonesia claim more than 40 wrongful animal deaths in less than three months. For how long will we all stay silent at all such tyranny for the sake of mere pleasure and amusement.

Animal abuse on TikTok:

Another platform named TikTok, just to secure fame through various content videos, has started to promote hatred, child abuse, vulgarity, violence, objectification, and even animal abuse. This so-called humane world has forgotten about everything and considers it entertainment to upload a video full of animal abuse. The toxicity has increased to such a level that we witness cats being hanged to the ceilings and murdered, dogs being thrown in suffocating mud and punched by thugs, and forced tight bands around pets’ ears. Animals are being put on fire or being strangled for fun and then the video of these animals burning alive and welcoming death becomes viral.

Animal abuse on TikTok has gone to a whole different level. News is full of these incidents yet silence prevails for this petty amusement of these human beings is more important than the lives of every other innocent creature. What a humane and wonderful society we are!

animal abuse

Animal rape:

This society has not just kept its inhumanity to physical punishment but has moved a step further in stigmatizing these creatures. Human beings, the most ruthless of the creatures, just to fulfill their sexual lust, have neglected the fact of these creatures are animals and not of their breed. Yet these are made to face this wrath of molestation. The cats and kittens in homes are used as sexual objects in South Asian countries like Pakistan. We hear of news like 34 years old man sexually molesting a puppy to death in Delhi and still enjoying the freedom of roaming everywhere without punishment.

Even the goats, hens, and other domestic animals confront such heinous acts in Sudan and many other countries. This thought of sexual intercourse between humans and animals is so terrifying and disgusting in itself but still, it is a bitter truth of this world. Even if this all can not shake the morals and rationale of the superior human beings then we should fear what severity this society is waiting for.

animal abuse

The animal abuse laws are ignored with great subtlety by these people for they know these creatures cannot protest. Shouldn’t humanity bleed at the sight of this barbarity? These animals could not speak about their abuse but does this mean that we should also curtail every such incident. This is not only happening at the zoo or domestic levels but on the streets nakedly yet human eyes have gone blind at all this while these animal abuse cases need immediate reporting. If these animals could protest, they would sue human beings for such slander and torture.

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Fatimah Motla

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