After suffering from a great crisis brought by the pandemic of COVID-19, China is finally allowing the schools to reopen after the 6th of May. The officials have debated that the country’s domestic outbreak has been brought under control.

All the educational institutes were closed in January, in Wuhan, and surrounding Hubei province. Serious measures such as bringing in the lockdown were taken in order to prevent the spread of dangerous virus to other cities and areas around the country.


Lately, there have been no new reported cases of COVID-19.  Hubei had 544 asymptomatic cases under medical observation by Monday when 20 new cases were reported, as said by the statement given by the provincial health commission.

They also gave reports which included the discharge of  three COVID-19 patients, all in the provincial capital of Wuhan. About 102 patients were kept under observation, by the end of last Monday. about 19 out of those 102 were in serious critical condition.

About 68,128 confirmed COVID-19 cases have been reported in Hubei, and  50,333 in Wuhan.

The Country declared, they have almost controlled the spread of disease. According to the reports, an increase of just 26 confirmed cases since Friday. According to Beijing, All coronavirus patients in Wuhan have now been discharged.

Picture credit: News18.com

In Hangzhou, one headmaster taking no risks with their young pupils. Specially adapted hats were distributed at Yangzheng Primary School, to make sure the young one do maintain their distance from each other.

 Capital’s returning students must have their temperatures recorded on arrival at school gates and must show that they have a “green” code on an app that calculates their risk before being allowed back to class. This statement was issued by The Ministry of Education. However strict measures are being adopted for entering and leaving the city.

credits: CNN

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