Guitars are one of the most popular western musical instruments. These beautiful pieces of creation have been a source of constant entertainment for people all over the world. But what makes this beautiful instrument great?

Its just a piece of wood, some strings, some electronics and your ready to rock the world! Today we will discuss top five brands, and their industries and Luthiers. How they actually became the artists choice and became the source of countless popular songs and favourites.

1: Fender

One of the oldest Guitar companies, founded by Leo Fender in the 19th century. Fender is an American Guitar, Bass and amplifire company. They have always been the artist’s choice. From a honky Stratocaster electric, to a sweet mellow sounding acoustic guitar, The company ha succeeded in making its name among the top names in guitar market.

Artists like, Yngwie Malmsteen, David Gilmour, Mike Knofler and even James Mrshall Hendrix have used Fender guitars as their ultimate rock machines of choice.

Recently fender introduced the Acoustasonic series, which are a hybrid acoustic-electric guitar series. Giving a beautiful electric stratocaster aesthetic look and with the natural mellow tone of an acoustic guitar. Fender and Co keeps inspiring artist around the world every day.

2: Gibson

Gibson is one of the elite class guitar companies have the best quality guitars ever made. They are known for their seasoned woods, durability, sweet yet powerful tone and aesthetic looks as well!

Founded by Orville Gibson the company is known for making high quality Lespaul and SG style shaped guitars as well as Jumbo dreadnought acoustic guitars as well. Artists like Slash from Guns and roses , Zakk Wylde from Black Label Society, Angus Young from ACDC, Garry Moree and Ofcourse the LedZepplin’s Jimmy Page have known to make FOREVER wonderful songs with these rock and roll machines.

3: Ibanez

Founded by Hoshino Gakki, Ibanez is a Japanease Guitar company, which has been an artists choice for a long time. Thie heavy duty machine making company has manufactured thousands of instruments used in countless, hard rock, heavy metal songs. They are known for their Soloist and super strat body guitars. Ibanez also makes beautiful acoustic guitars aswell

Artists using Ibanez guitars include Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert from Mr Big, John Petrucci from Dream Theather in his early days, Tosin Abbasi from Animals as Leaders and Mic Thomson are few to count.

4: Jackson

Founded by Groover Jackson and owned by the Fender Guitar CO, Jackson have known to provide some of the best legendary guitars and basses to the artists

They are known for making V shaped and soloist shaped guitars. The V shaped was first designed by the Ozzy Osborne Guitarist, Randy Rhodes in the early eighties. After that diffrent V shaped guitars were designed with different bridge and pickup configurations.

Artists known for using Jackson company include Randy Rhodes [Late], Misha Mansoor from Periphery, Phil Collins from Defflepard, Ian Scott from Anthrax, Marty Fried Man from Megadeath.and many others.

5: Paul Reed Smith [PRS]

Named under the name of owner himself, PRS is known for their Botique guitars. The excellent wood quality and dedicated crafts man ship makes their guitars outstanding.

The S2 and SE series have been the customer choice guitars. PRS guitars have been used by Guitar Players like Carlos Santana, Orianti who Played for Micheal Jakson, the modern pop artist John Mayer and Mark Tremonti from Creed and Alter Brdige.

All the above mentioned guitars have different prices depending upon the model and specs ofcourse. But every guitar and instrument is itself is not only unique itself but also made by the hands holding and playing it!

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