Being a Medical student is not a very easy job. The pressure of passing, learning, graduating and investments sometimes prove to be real burdens for a student. Most students learn to cope pressures, but some students either quit or their academic graph starts declining, despite their superb performances in the previous classes. Today we shall talk and discuss about some basics, about how to survive in a medical school

1: Stop Procrastination

Procrastination is a common habit among many students. Students tend to delay their homework and assignments, thinking they have plenty of time ahead. But they do not realize the importance of regularity. Many students often become depressed when they notice the pile of pending assignments and homework they kept delaying.

The best way to eliminate your stress and to perform better is to start being regular. Why not complete your work in small tasks, easily and happily, instead of making a pile and getting stressed about it? An average student can sometime score better grades than a brilliant one, by following this basic method

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2: Be Punctual

For God’s sake guys! Do not miss your classes. Be punctual, Go to class. Observe people. Moreover in a professional institute nothing is more important than maintaining your attendance. it has been observed, many students keep sleeping their dorms even during class times, as they lacked their precious sleep by staying up all night.

Maintaining your attendance not only makes you a punctual person, but also creates a good impression in front of your mentors and professors. Being present sometimes brings miraculous wonders during your Professional vivas and stages.


3: Do Not expect

When your sweet heart, there are many chances you get hurt by actions and deeds of others. If you celebrated someones birthday, do not expect the same favor. If you get your birthday celebrated thats great, if not, no regrets, you did what your heart wanted you to do. They did what they liked. No hard feelings.

But on the contrary, if you start expecting and keeping hopes, there are more chances of you being ending up in depression. So maybe its better to expect from God rather than humans it will even reward you in the end.

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4: Join a Gymnasium

Many time, students being indulged in medical studies start neglecting their health, which may lead to problems in future. Listen students, you people are the future doctors, you cant advise someone to be healthy unless you are healthy yourself.

So its better to join a Gymnasium, or play some out door game in the evening. Physical activities can go a long way, to keep you healthy and wise. its a saying “A Sound Body Has A Sound Mind”. You can easily defeat depression and stress by indulging in a physical activity.


5: Do not catch feelings for anyone

Alright, this is a taboo topic, but still i think its worth discussing. Students at young age may tend to catch feelings for each other. This can be harmful in some expects. First of all you wont be able to concentrate on your work. Secondly you will always try your best to meet others expectations, which mostly leads to self destruction. and thirdly there is no gurrante, weather the person likes you or not.

So students, be patient, focus on your goals, you should be able to meet your parents’s expectations first, by becoming a successful doctor. Great things take time and you cant haste for them. It will only cause self trouble and depression.


I hope you students find this article interesting and i hope it helps changing your perspective of life and it helps you become a better doctor as well.

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