healthy parenting
healthy parenting
healthy parenting

Healthy parenting means that parents and children can handle their disagreements and conflicts with empathy, honesty, self-reliance, self- control, kindness, co-operation, and avoiding any abuse, neglect, or violence. Healthy parenting is incredibly challenging and rewarding.

Parenthood and healthy parenting is a funny thing. Nobody has ever known how to do healthy parenting. And what is the best way to parent their children? Even if you have four children, you are still learning. You may raise three properly and the fourth one can give you works, isn’t it? but you want to do your best. So, what is the best thing you can do??

From the signs of healthy parenting, the one foremost thing I would say is to work upon yourself a little bit, be involved in your child’s life, adapt your parenting to fit your child, establish and set rules. Avoid harsh disciplines, explain your rules and decisions, be consistent, and treat your child with respect.

Raise yourself before you raise your children:

The first role of healthy parenting is to open your heart, be ready to learn because this is the thing you want in your children. If you think the way you are everything, naturally your aspiration will be that they should become like you, which will be a backward step for the next generation of people.

You cannot be too loving:

A child just needs a pleasant atmosphere to grow, to create a joyful and loving feeling. I am first saying joyfully then loving. Do you understand? Otherwise, this just sappy love without any joy and bliss around will make people miserable over a period of time. The first thing is the joyful atmosphere. If you are capable of holding it, then you can add a little bit of love in it.

Kids will need your attention or love until they are 5 or 7, after that, they want to distance themselves. They want to become their own thing. Your only business is to keep them in a joyful and loving incubator.

healthy parenting
healthy parenting

Best healthy parenting is to stop parenting them:

Children, till they become 12 years of age, 13 is nearly dangerous. You must do this, stop parenting them. What they need is just some good company, not a boss walking around in the house. Yes, or No?? when you are growing up, did you like it, being talked down to?? NO!!

So, what they need is a friend. During this age, they don’t need a father or mother(it is a very cruel thing to say to any parent, but I am saying this because 90% of parents are facing this problem nowadays)

Don’t try to mold them:

Your business is not to mold them because one thing your child could not become is, they could not become like you. They could become something more than you. If you think that you are THIS intelligent, they should become more intelligent than you and if you are THIS balanced they should be far more balanced than you. Who you are is who you are. Please get this for your child and for yourself.

Foster your child’s independence:

The most important thing in healthy parenting is to understand this, you just came here a few years earlier than them. (I might be harsh, but consider it.)

 and the other consideration is if you don’t tell them then obviously somebody else will. Unqualified advice on the street will happen. You only have to guard them against that. But if you have to guard them against that, then you must have the courage to bring them you in such away.

You say : “What I say, you must listen” but don’t listen to your friend “he is telling you to take a drug, don’t listen to him.”

But here the point is, what the friend says seems to be more of a pleasure, than the thing you are talking about. That is a fact, isn’t it? So, it is not going to work.

Healthy parenting zone:

It is to bring up your child with such a fierce sense of his own intelligence and his own decisions. Then you will see, he will seek help because he will easily realize that his intelligence and his understanding is not good enough for everything.

 But if you bring him up that he has to listen to your advice, he will come up with rebelliousness. Even if good things are said, he won’t do that. He will do the reverse of it. This is something that most parents are experiencing. Isn’t it??

“What kind of human beings or brats you raise; for that, what kind of human being are YOU is an extremely important part of raising children”

” To be in your children’s memories tomorrow,you have to be in their lives today.” (Barbara Johnson)

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