stop expecting

“Stop expecting too much from people, who don’t have too little for you. Set the standard! stop expecting people to show you love, acceptance, and commitment. when you stop expecting them to be perfect, you can like them for who they are.”

stop expecting
stop expecting

“Expectation is the root of all heartache.”

Are you always expecting something mentally projecting into the future instead of actually being present and doing your best?

Are you always trying to manipulate the outcome of certain situations so that you can be happy?

It is the only way that you can feel happy is to get validation approval from other people? Or things have to go your way all the time?

Don’t blame people for disappointing you:

Well, in that case, there’s something deep inside that you need to address.
Every time you expect somebody to do something a certain way so that you like it and feel good about yourself. And they don’t or it doesn’t, how do you feel? Probably, you would be let down every single time.

If you resonate with this then you know that it’s not a nice experience. Honestly, it’s a nightmare to keep living in the state, where you are always waiting for salvation. The only way to really get rid of this, it’s to let go of the need for something to fulfill you and that can be tough. but it is not impossible.
Do make the paradigm shift for you, take the philosophy, and believe that I am the good enough as I am, I approve with me, I validate me. Any failure or any unfulfilled expectation doesn’t determine who I am. It does not make me a better or worse person.

Life tip, stop expecting:

Stop expecting too much. It is like, I throw a stone up, and then I am asking why is it landing on my head? 🙂 Well, that’s how it works on this planet. If you don’t want it to work like this, you must leave this atmosphere and throw the stone up, it just continues to travel straight up. This is how it works here.

“The more you expect, the more it kills you psychologically day by day.”(Dhana)

A way to a peaceful life:

stop expecting
A way to peaceful life

So, once you do this, your whole life will be focused on how to enhance your ability to do. Don’t waste your time on silly expectations. Life will happen the way it happens not because you desire, it happens because you are enabled in a certain way. Instead of enabling your self, you are wasting your time in silly expectations of your self. So, instead of spending your time building fancy expectations, spend your time to enable this one.

Stop expecting perfection:

What you are capable of that’s all you can do, isn’t it? Can you do something more? It is just that your capability can be stretched. Without stretching your ability to do, you are building your expectations. Stop expecting from others. It is just fundamentally wrong. Because these expectations are not even yours. You are looking at your neighbor and setting expectations for yourself. It is a very, very silly way of building your life.
We need to stop expecting. Just enable yourself, whatever the situation allows we will do. Just all this is all you have to do, build your body and your mind in such a way that you can use it to the fullest capability. The physical world, success is just this.

“You have to stop thinking or otherwise you will be stuck in this situation forever. We feel like our hearts will never heal or maybe we will never get out of this impossible struggle.

“Don’t confuse a season for a lifetime and even your trials have an expiration date. you will grow, your life will change and finally, the things will work out.”

You are destined to live a life that only a mere fraction of your potential. And it is simply impossible to be genuinely happy when you are not genuinely yourself.

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